Tollgate Brewery

Tollgate Brewery is an award winning Derbyshire based brewery creating a range of delicious craft ales, IPA’s and other alcoholic drinks. They also own a chain of highly successful public houses throughout the East Midlands.



As the business has expanded over recent years, Tollgate were keen to create a positive and pro-active health and safety culture throughout the company. Like many SMEs, Tollgate recognised they did not have the expertise internally to implement their vision, so looked to get assistance.


The Managing Director of Tollgate contacted Omegas after a recommendation. Following an in-depth consultation, a gap analysis was created, along with a plan and schedule to implement a number of health and safety policies, procedures and training programmes for staff.

From this, Tollgate were able to formalise processes to ensure the safety of their staff, whilst helping to improve business efficiency.

Omegas continue to assist Tollgate by carrying out both scheduled and unscheduled health and safety spot check tours, offer continuous staff training and also act as the ‘competent person’ for the business.



The Tollgate project is hugely successful and was recently featured in the Derby Evening Telegraph’s business section.

By making the working environment safer, Tollgate has increased efficiency by reducing the amount of lost time days.


Client comments:

“We contacted Adam after he was recommended and he’s not disappointed. Not only is Adam highly accredited with loads of experience in these projects, we know we can rely on him to be on hand to help whenever we need him, 24/7. But the most important thing for me is that Adam has always been sympathetic to our business needs and offers realistic solutions to problems which don’t hinder operations, this is hugely important for us!”