HSC Programme: Health, Safety & Compliance

We offer realistic health & safety/compliance solutions for your business that not only will help you meet your legal requirements but will also assist with reducing the risk of accidents in the workplace. All our consultants are chartered and award winning and will become an invaluable tool for you to call on when you need them. We pride our self on understanding the needs of your business and rather than hinder you we work with you to make sure there is as minimal disruption as possible whilst assisting with your legal compliance. Get in touch for more details.

ISO Programme: ISO Implementation/Auditing

Have you won a tender and need to implement a business management system such as ISO:9001 but don’t know where to start? Or are you wanting to implement one to become more professional and stream line the company? What ever the reason we can help you with this, making the process as easy as possible. We can implement a system from scratch, audit against it or even just offer you help and support.

TTC Programme: Teaching, Training & Coaching

Awareness training can help increase staff’s competency and reduce accidents on site. At Omegas we offer training sessions ranging from 30 mins to 2 days. We can attend your site and carry these out for you, making it a simple process that will not only engage your staff but help you meet your legal requirements. We also offer a 1 to 1 coaching programme. We have helped many newcomers to the Compliance profession from all over the world. Reviewing their CV, giving them advice on what career path to take and helping them formulate a plan on how to get there. You will be coached by a Chartered and award-winning consultant who has a vast wealth of experience advising you on the best path to progress. If you require on-line training then check out our I-hasco Partner online courses here

GDPR Programme: Data Protection & Information Security

In May 25th of 2018 the new EU GDPR came into force. This changed the way businesses handle people’s data. This can be a mine field and the fines for losing data or mishandling it can be sizeable. If you require assistance/guidance on how to adhere to the GDPR then get in touch today and join the GDPR programme. We can help you safe guard against data loss making sure that information security is a key part of your organisation’s ethos.

MSR Programme: Modern Slavery Review

Modern slavery is a terrible phenomenon and needs eradicating from society. It preys on the vulnerable and exploits them. Sometimes businesses can be funding this without even knowing it. Are you confident that there is no evidence of modern slavery in your supply chain and have you checked? We can create a modern slavery statement for your website and also carry out a spot check on some of your suppliers to help give you and your clients pace of mind.

OHVT Programme: Occupational Health & Validation Testing

If your staff require Audiometry tests, Spirometry tests or face mask fit testing then get in touch today and we can attend your site to carry this out for you. We also have a wide range of approved, certified and calibrated instruments that can be used for site validation tests. These range from Work Place Noise Assessments to air particulate test, just let us know what you require.

PPE Sales: Personal Protective Equipment

We can supply your company with various PPE items when you need them. These have been carefully selected by people in the industry making sure that the PPE is comfortable, good quality, value for money and above all keeps you safe.