Comprehensive Compliance Solutions Tailored to Your Industry Needs


Omegas Enterprises Limited is a provider of innovative compliance solutions designed to help businesses meet both national and global standards without compromising on overall productivity and performance.


Built around a team of chartered and award-winning compliance consultants, we deliver result-driven solutions that don’t just help you meet industry standards but set the tone for the smooth running of your business.


To ensure optimal service delivery, Omegas follow a unique approach that ensures we understand your business and its needs to deliver tailored services. These services facilitate change and provide the perfect environment for improved performance and business operation.


From ISO Business Management Implementation and GDPR Data protection service to Modern Slavery Review and Occupational health checks, the instruments we deliver are carefully selected by industry experts to ensure the highest quality, actual value for money and compliance with industry standards.


We also offer the following services; Compliance, Audiometry Testing, Spirometry Testing, ISO Standards, ISO Implementation, Auditing, Face Mask Fit Testing.

Are you looking to facilitate change while ensuring compliance with industry standards?

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